Aquarium Basics

1. Aquarium Basics

This is the Index page for Aquarium Basics. What are the basic principles of keeping an aquarium.

Aquarium Beginner Guide

1.1. Aquarium Beginner Guide

The aquarium beginner guide provides information on how to start the aquarium for beginners.

Facebook Fake Accounts

1.4.1. Facebook Fake Accounts

There are hundreds of thousands of Facebook followers on aquarium forums and groups. A huge number of newcomers to the hobby come on social media and join these forums and groups in order to get information. This is a goldmine which aquarium supply manufacturers cannot resist. So they have done a number of, shall we […]

Veilige ammoniak waarden

5.2. Safe Ammonia Levels

Safe ammonia levels are often much higher than expected. It is often not the ammonia that kills fish!

Langzame dood van vissen

1.7. Aquarium Slow Fish Deaths

A slow death of fish in the aquarium where they die one by one occasionally occurs. Read the reasons here!

Chloor en Chloramine

5.5. Chlorine and Chloramine

Chlorine and Chloramine can very quickly kill the fish in the aquarium. This article tells you all about it!

Snelle dood van vissen in het aquarium

1.6. Aquarium Fast Fish Deaths

There are a number of things that can explain the rapid death of fish in the aquarium. In this article, you will find the most common causes.

Bacterien in een fles

2.8. Bacteria-in-a-bottle

Bacteria in a bottle, quick start bacteria, add fish directly. This article will show you that these products do nothing!

3. Fish Food

Good fish food ensures healthy fish, it is important that it does not pollute the water!